Our partners

We’re proud to collaborate with some of Sweden’s leading companies, organizations, and networks. We are open to collaboration that can contribute to a simpler everyday life for board members and company management.


Fortnox Group Reporting – 2023

Together with Boardeaser, Fortnox will launch a new product for group reporting. The product should simplify the work with accounting and reporting and quickly provide a clear picture of the Group’s financial status. Fortnox Group Reporting will be released after mid-2023.


Combine Fortnox with Boardeaser and get immediate insight into your data, without manual calculations. We offer cloud-based, automatic reporting and group consolidation – directly from your accounting. You can easily activate the connection to Fortnox with just a few clicks of a button.

Danske Bank

To support your company in its board work and financial reporting, Danske Bank has established a partnership with Boardeaser. Boardeaser streamlines your work to produce, for example, budgets and performance reports. Danske Bank’s advisors can be given access to fresh and in-depth decision support – with better conditions to support your business going forward.

Our offer

As a customer of Danske Bank, our cooperation gives you access to specially developed, advantageous offers.

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Accountec Agency Portal

With Accountec Reports, you can generate relevant and educational reports with educational and stylish graphs, key figures and tables with a few clicks. You can also get budget proposals and automatic comparisons with outcomes against budget. Through our integration with, among other things, Fortnox allows you to sync data with the click of a button.

Our offer

Through a seamless integration between Boardeaser and Accountec, we can together offer Accountec Reports.

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Monitor ERP System

Monitor ERP System is a complete ERP system that supports all processes in your manufacturing company. Through the integration with Boardeaser, you get access to Boardeaser’s products directly in Monitor. This results in improved planning and the ability to ensure that the closing process is complete and coherent in Monitor. You can create routines for consolidated accounts and streamline your work with the board and management. 

With Monitor and Boardeaser, you get a smooth and powerful solution for managing all aspects of your company’s finances.

Björn Lundén

Boardeaser automatically synchronizes with Björn Lundén Bokföring so that your reports and analyses are always updated with the latest data.


Boardeaser has a seamless integration with Björn Lundén Bokföring that is easy to activate.


Jeeves is a complete supplier of ERP systems. As a customer, you have access to Boardeaser’s products through an integration to your Jeeves ERP.

With Boardeaser, planning is improved, you can know in advance that your closing process is complete and cohesive in Jeeves. It is possible to create routines around the consolidated financial statements and in your work towards the board and management.


Together with Riksbyggen, we have developed the Boardroom, which is basically Boardeaser’s Board Portal, but where we supplemented with Riksbyggen’s templates and vocabulary for board work competence for your board. For Riksbyggen, this is a first step in modernizing and future-proofing the board work of its tenant-owner associations.

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Petra Palmgren Lindwall ​

Petra Palmgren Lindwall supports and helps company owners achieve their growth ambitions through active board work, training, coaching and advice. Petra has many years of training as a board educator and professional board worker in Swedish owner-led growth companies.

Petra is a long-time user of Boardeaser and contributing expert in our knowledge materials.

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Norrsken Foundation

Norrsken Foundation is a non-profit foundation, founded in 2016. Norrsken supports entrepreneurs in two ways: by offering a co-working office space in central Stockholm, and through a VC fund that invests in companies that have the potential to make radical improvements for the world.

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Styrelsebalans develops board members and adds the right and necessary competency to boards. Through training, screening, and recruitment, Styrelsebalans contributes to the quality assurance of boards. Whether you’re applying for your first board assignment, are a seasoned board member, or want to add the right skills to strengthen your board, Styrelsebalans offers the professional platform you need to take the next step.

Read more on the Good Relations website >

GU Ventures

GU Ventures AB commercializes new, innovative business ideas with connections to the University of Gothenburg. Since its inception in 1995, GU Ventures has developed over 190 new business ideas and is top-ranked by UBI Global as one of the world’s top 20 university-run incubators. GU Ventures is wholly owned by the Swedish state and managed by the University of Gothenburg.

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Qap Legal

Qap Legal is a business law firm that delivers value-creating and pragmatic advice for the digital age. Qap Legal has a clear focus on start-ups and scale-ups and their offer includes advice regarding mergers and acquisitions, company law and corporate governance, commercial agreements, financing and raising capital, company and incentive structures, project management, and “all things start-up.”

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Tip! Qap Legal can assist in setting up Boardeaser’s DD checklist and produce any documents that are necessary for compliance.