Our partners

We’re proud to collaborate with some of Sweden’s leading companies, organizations, and networks. We also support organizations that make important contributions to the community by providing our digital support.

Should we partner?

We’re interested in any collaboration that contributes to a simpler everyday life for board members and management.

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Jeeves a complete supplier of ERP systems

Jeeves develops and implements business systems (ERP) at medium-sized manufacturing and distribution companies. They work closely with their customers, in everything from product development to implementation and product support.


An ERP system for big visions

Garp ERP system – a functional business system for small and medium-sized companies in manufacturing, fashion and distribution. Easy to get started with, easy to use, easy to grow along with.

Knowledge Building

Founders Alliance

Founders Alliance is a forum for Sweden’s leading entrepreneurs and enables meetings and exchanges between entrepreneurs. Since its start in 2001, Founders Alliance has built, strengthened, and developed its membership and now includes the majority of Sweden’s most successful and experienced company founders. Its goal to empower more people to build long-term successful businesses. Here you can find an inexhaustible source of knowledge, experience, contacts, and inspiration.


Styrelsebalans develops board members and adds the right and necessary competency to boards. Through training, screening, and recruitment, Styrelsebalans contributes to the quality assurance of boards. Whether you’re applying for your first board assignment, are a seasoned board member, or want to add the right skills to strengthen your board, Styrelsebalans offers the professional platform you need to take the next step.

Executive People

Executive People is one of Sweden’s largest training companies that aims its development programs to CEOs and boards. Every year, Executive People trains hundreds of CEOs, leaders, and executives in effective board work and the role of a CEO. Executive People offers people working in small and medium-sized companies training in finance, the role of CEO, board work, management, and leadership.


Petra Palmgren Lindwall

Petra Palmgren Lindwall supports and helps company owners achieve their growth ambitions through active board work, training, coaching and advice. Petra has many years of training as a board educator and professional board worker in Swedish owner-led growth companies.

Scalex Growth Partners

Scalex works with growth companies over a long period of time, with the aim of increasing company value and reducing risks by building structured and sustainable companies. Scalex offers a methodology that guarantees results and ROI.

GBA – Great Business Advisory

Through GBA, Mattias Nordin, a board consultant, offers advice to start-ups and mature companies within ownership, successful board work, and more. Mattias can be hired as chairman and CEO coach, or to help develop strategy and business models.

Katalysen & Partners

Katalysen & Partners is a Venture Partner that invests and creates value for its portfolio companies through innovation and finding new potential shareholders with vast relevant value beyond the addition of funds. Its relationship with its portfolio companies is based on the Principles of Partnership. Katalysen is supportive, active, and constantly looking for new stakeholders and opportunities on behalf of its companies.


Norrsken Foundation

Norrsken Foundation is a non-profit foundation, founded in 2016. Norrsken supports entrepreneurs in two ways: by offering a co-working office space in central Stockholm, and through a VC fund that invests in companies that have the potential to make radical improvements for the world.

Creative House

Creative House brings together driven people with drive, gears up companies, and attracts investors – a hub for both startups and established companies.

Membership offer
We offers companies with a membership at Creative House to try out Boardeaser’s products completely free of charge. Read more about the offer here.



Sting helps talented people turn their ideas into successful businesses. The support Sting offers includes qualified coaching in business development, a business angel network and a venture capital fund, a recruitment service, and an international network of investors, business contacts, and experts. Sting contributes to Sweden’s future tech companies’ success by helping them grow and compete internationally, and generate export revenues to Stockholm.


GU Ventures

GU Ventures AB commercializes new, innovative business ideas with connections to the University of Gothenburg. Since its inception in 1995, GU Ventures has developed over 190 new business ideas and is top-ranked by UBI Global as one of the world’s top 20 university-run incubators. GU Ventures is wholly owned by the Swedish state and managed by the University of Gothenburg.


LEAD aims to accelerate the development of start-ups by providing idea-makers and entrepreneurs with a range of targeted resources and services to secure fast and stable growth. LEAD offers to develop entrepreneurs with innovative and scalable ideas that have great growth potential, from academia or business. LEAD provides an efficient process to quickly and safely develop ideas into strong and scalable companies.

Chalmers Ventures

Chalmers Ventures has 15 years of experience in bringing together idea-makers with driven entrepreneurs, and supporting teams that want to take their technology-based business concept and create a global company. Chalmers Ventures offers expert coaching, a large network, and funding. Ranked as the best Nordic university-run incubator by UBI Global and top 10 best in the world.

LiU Invest

LiU Invest invests in companies based on projects and ideas from Linköping University. They focus on investments in the early stages and can both enter as a sole investor or co-invest with others. The investments are usually between a few hundred thousand up to a few million SEK, where LiU Invest contributes between a quarter and a half million SEK.

SSE Business Lab

SSE Business Lab is a wholly owned non-profit subsidiary of Stockholm School of Economics and offers its services free of charge for teams that include at least one business student, alumni, or faculty member. SSE Business Lab is a natural part of SSE and a good starting point for tomorrow’s successful companies. The board consists of experienced professionals specialized in the different stages of starting and running a company, including the transition from idea to business.

Legal Partners

Qap Legal

Qap Legal is a business law firm that delivers value-creating and pragmatic advice for the digital age. Qap Legal has a clear focus on start-ups and scale-ups and their offer includes advice regarding mergers and acquisitions, company law and corporate governance, commercial agreements, financing and raising capital, company and incentive structures, project management, and “all things start-up.”

Tip! Qap Legal can assist in setting up Boardeaser’s DD checklist and produce any documents that are necessary for compliance.


Servando offers legal services that aim to facilitate and streamline companies’ ownership and operations. Its services are based on corporate law, supplemented by finance, practical administration, administration, and tax issues.

Initiatives we support

En Frisk Generation

En Frisk Generation breaks the cycle of unequal health by giving all families the opportunity to be part of an active community. The foundation offers an active leisure time where the whole family can participate. Twice a week for a year, children and parents are offered physical activity, knowledge about food, and a social community in their local area.

Help to Help

Help to Help uses crowdfunding to enable scholarships for university students in East Africa. Students that wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to study. According to Help to Help, 80% of those who graduate and find a job succeed in increasing their family’s income. 60% also end up financing the education of at least one sibling.