Effective board work

Boardeaser is a cloud service that helps boards structure, simplify and streamline their work.


Increased transparency and insight into the organization and its economy

Things are being done

Built-in decision-making and allocation of responsibilities on decisions and attending points.

Order & structure

Structured meeting process and document structure and follow-up of these.

High security & reduced risk

Encrypted traffic and storage and reduced risk for you as a member of the board.

Personal dashboard

Take a look at upcoming meetings and everything you’re expected to read and do in all your boards

Decisions and follow-up

For each decision the board makes, you can assign responsibility, change status and comment on events.

Time spent on each agenda item

Set a timetable for each item on the agenda to ensure that the meeting time is utilized efficiently.

Shared documents

Ensure that the board always has access to current and important documents.

To-dos and decision management

Full overview of what everyone in the board is expected to do and when. The att-do function can also be used to, for example, notify when the agreement expires.


Gather contact information of all persons that the board work with.

Efficient meeting process

Create agenda, send caller, write protcoll, adjust and sign with a few button clicks. Clear and very effective!

Deadlines & reminders

Boardeaser ensures that everyone has read what they are supposed to before meetings.

Encrypted and safe

All traffic and file storage are encrypted for maximum security.


Boardeaser Financials beta

With Boardeaser Financials you can automate and raise the quality of financial reporting to the Board.

Create a dashboard from default templates or create your own with key figures, graphs, reports based on the economic data that is important to your business.

Take out an SIE file from your financial system and upload and Boardeaser takes out and presents everything clearly, pedagogically and nicely.

Price from: 199 SEK* /Per board and month
*Prices depend on the revenue of the organization. Invoiced yearly. VAT not included.


Boardeaser Reports beta

With Boardeaser CEO Report, you write easier and faster a good monthly report to the board, while making it easier to read and more content rich.

Price: 199 SEK* /Per board and month
*Invoiced yearly. VAT not included.



Boardeaser E-sign

Electronic signing of board minutes and other documents. Integrated with Boardeaser’s meeting process and signed protocols are easily stored in the archive.

Price: 149 SEK* /Per board and month
*Invoiced yearly. VAT not included.




Boardeaser Evaluation

Make it easy to create board and CEO evaluations based on templates or with your own questions. Automatic distribution, collection, reminder management, compilation, analysis and reporting.

Price: 199 SEK* /Per board and month
*Invoiced yearly. VAT not included.



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